NASCAR Hub @ Homestead-Miami Speedway

Last November, NASCAR called with an urgent request.  They needed to be bailed out of a jam and required a VIP hospitality space to be created in under seven days. I knew that if done properly, and without adding undo stress to my client, quietly activating her vision would lead to higher quality opportunities with larger budgets and additional lead time in the future. Fortunately for everyone, the request for the 2016 NASCAR Hub was all of those things and more.


Four months ago, I was given a heads up that the NASCAR Hub was returning to the Homestead-Miami Speedway and it was my responsibility to design, construct, and operate a facility capable of hosting over 200 guests during the Ford Championship Weekend. I was given a fair budget and significant design authority to build an environment that was not only functional but would also be visually appealing. As fate would have it, I had recently entered into an agreement with Specialized Mobile Exhibits (SME) to design a custom #Awespitality asset and manage that asset throughout the 2017 season and beyond (this event was the perfect coming out for The Awesome Bash).


By utilizing The Awesome Bash as our foundation, I worked alongside Jordan Litchko, a longtime friend and true “Event Craftsman,” from Nineyards Design & Manufacturing to buildout the rest of our footprint. We utilized local suppliers to construct a patio large enough to accommodate overflow guests and partnered with Americrown catering to ensure that everyone had a full belly and didn’t experience a single moment without a drink in their hand.


The 2016 NASCAR Hub was the perfect amount of function, fun, and quality that everyone expects from a championship weekend and we are proud to have been able to deliver that to every guest in attendance.


I am continually amazed at what’s possible when you work with a trusting client and quality process partners. Special thanks to everyone that assisted in making the 2016 NASCAR Hub come to life including NASCAR, Nineyards, SME, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Americrown, Hazel, Tropical Images, Gilded Group, IBA Paper Goods, Bubble, Deco Productions, Unearthed Vintage, LSS, ISM, and DJ Lise.


Every guest deserves an awesome event and that is why we do what we do.





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