NASCAR Awespitality

It takes a special kind of event producer to gaze upon an empty parking lot and envision an oasis – a getaway from the crowds where guests can enjoy the amenities of their favorite resort without ever needing to leave the Daytona International Speedway infield.

For the second year in a row, we had the amazing opportunity to design, construct, and manage a VIP #Awespitality experience for NASCAR’s most important guests at one of the most prestigious races on the planet.

NASCAR Hospitality (formerly NASCAR Hub) was designed to host 200 VIP guests throughout the weeklong activities surrounding Speedweeks 2017 at the Daytona International Speedway. The guest list included NASCAR’s official partners, racetrack operators from across the United States and Mexico, media members from around the world, and celebrities attending the Great American Race.

This event was designed to transport VIP guests from the hustle of the garage area to a mesmerizing getaway where they were encouraged to relax and experience the sport in a different way. NASCAR continues to partner with Traction Event Labs for select VIP experience designs where “good enough” isn’t an option. Event craftsman at Traction can utilize their unique skillset to construct an environment unlike anything else at the track. 

By leveraging The Awesome BASH as the anchor asset for the footprint and designing the rest of the setup around it, we are able to give every guest a truly unique experience. The Awesome BASH is unlike any other mobile trailer available today – it provides guests with an awesome view of the track, a clean restroom, a cold drink, and plenty of food to fuel them throughout the day.

It is with great pride that we design each of these events to be truly special, and we can’t thank NASCAR enough for trusting us with creating exceptional experiences for their guests. 





A special thanks goes out to the following partners for their help with this event:

  • Specialized Mobile Exhibits (SME)
  • Nineyards
  • Americrown
  • DJ Michaelis
  • Whilypig
  • Tropical Arrangements
  • Gilded Group, AFR, & Event Effects 

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