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I was in the car headed to a meeting when the following text exchange began:

  •  Michael, it’s Jeff from ISM.

    • Hey Jeff, what’s up?
  • We need help constructing our new ISM Vision mobile screens and hear you are the guy for the job.

    • I would love to help. When is the first event?
  • Three weeks away in Daytona.

    • No problem (FUDGE – maybe I didn’t say FUDGE Embarassed)


It’s opportunities like this that give me the chance to showcase Traction Event Labs’ true ability. No matter how hard the following five weeks were, I wouldn’t have answered that text any other way.

Jeff represents Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM), a business that grew from an unknown startup to the new sponsor of the Jumbotron screens at all International Speedway Corporation (ISC) events. ISM provided 20 high-definition mobile signboards that were scattered throughout the Daytona International Speedway last February.

The ISM Connect powered by BoldVu is an 87” high-definition weatherproof signboard that, when connected to ISM’s proprietary network, constantly feeds guests updated event information, custom content, and advertisements that fund the initiative.

The crew at Traction Event Labs worked alongside logistics experts Champion Tire & Wheel to transport the brand-new screens from Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) in Alpharetta, Georgia where the screens were built, to the Daytona International Speedway where the crew safely constructed the 15’ tall behemoths. Each fully assembled screen weighs more than 3,700 pounds. Once set in place, they can be seen in direct sunlight regardless of whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

The size and scale of these screens is the most challenging part of construction, but after three full days with eight crew members, we were able to fire up all 20 screens on time and on budget.

The launch of this program was one of the most challenging things I have done since starting Traction Event Labs, but thanks to an amazing crew and a trusting client, I am proud to say that we will be helping ISM & MRI throughout 2017. We look forward to continuing this behind-the-scenes tour revealing what it takes to thrive in the traveling circus known as NASCAR.

Follow along as we snap, post, and tweet all of the behind-the-scenes highlights of this build and much, much, (hopefully much) more.

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